Monday, June 24, 2013

Right Now - June 2013

I missed May (sorry about that) it was a little crazy around here with health stuff, work stuff and family gatherings. Not good excuses, but that's where we've been. So before June is over, here's what's going on.
loving my new smile. I fell in late April and my teeth took the brunt of the fall. My front two teeth were severely chipped (it took 3 hours for my teeth to be back to something normal). Some things I learned? If you can afford to, whiten your teeth with custom trays (I was able to get a light shade of bonding), save the trays, and save the impressions. I didn't do #3, so it was a little tougher for the dentist to get a perfect match for my old teeth. But, I'm really glad I was able to keep the teeth (we are thinking double root canal is in the future, though).
finding lots of stuff I didn't even know we had. We've been purging stuff and deciding what we really need to keep. We're appreciating what we have more and sending other things off to people who might enjoy them.
incredibly grateful for my family and friends who rushed to pray when I really needed it.

Saying goodbye  to these guys.
Seriously, we monopolized their time the last week they were here and the actual goodbye moment was so freaking hard. Like, these two have made our lives more spontaneous, fun, thoughtful and exciting. It will be hard not seeing them often, but we are looking forward to a new travel spot and future vacations together.

happy to have our air conditioning installed. We had a few beastly hot days and it was nice not sweating.
spraying down the kitchen with the yummiest cleaners around. I know, tomato vine and radish scented cleaners sound icky, but trust me, they smell divine. Go buy them. Now. I have stocked up on the Method cleaner because it's limited edition and I will need a nice supply. Both are crisp, fresh, and perfect for summer.
filling vases with fresh flowers. I've been keeping fresh flowers in the apartment since my birthday and it really has brought spring into our place. My favorite florist is Trader Joe's. No joke. For 4 bucks, the long lasting blooms brighten the kitchen.
planning less. I am taking breaks from many committments. I don't like to say no to anyone for any reason, but I need to hit the pause button and be less involved. I'm over-committed and need to take a break.
taking many more photos this spring than last year. This was a goal for 2013 and I'm liking the results. I'm trying to be on Instagram more and more too.

celebrating moms and dads with their special days. We headed out to the vineyards for a wine tour with my parents this weekend for some relaxing time together.
still deciding if we need a new couch. Ours is comfortable enough...until we visit anyone else, sit on their couch and realize how much ours is shot. And questioning if we should just wait a couple of years until we can hopefully own a home and furnish it with some new pieces.
 thrilled about starting Beth Moore's Deuteronomy study. I haven't done a Bible study since last spring and it's definitely time to get back into that habit. 
saying I'm sorry. I hurt someone's feelings recently and had to apologize. I think the anticipation of the whole confrontation may have been more stressful than the actual offense (which fortunately ended up being more of a misunderstanding). It was humbling to say the least.
watching the Office finale. We have watched this show for all nine seasons and celebrated with a simple dinner and hot pretzels.

also watching Mad Men's season finale - with a dropped jaw. That was some good freaking TV.

wearing dresses and skirts without stockings.

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Paige said...

Wait on the couch. I think you'llbe happy that you did when you move. Just my opinion. xo

Julie H. Schaal said...

Me, too! Trader Joes flowers are a regular around here. Love them!

Stacey said...

Your list is pretty similar to mine. My hubby gave me a really pretty bouquet from the grocery store yesterday. I split it up into three jars and spread them around the house.

The injury to your teeth sounds awful. I'm sure it was very painful and traumatic. Glad they could fix things the way you want them.